Go GREEN, support our FARMERS! Buy directly from a TREE!

At fresheddy, our initial goal was to help American farmers, but then we realize we could actually improve quality of life and encourage fresh and green eating habits in every home all over the world – if we could link farmers directly to buyers.

That is why we are now offering everyone this rare opportunity to buy fresh produce, vegetables, greens and groceries of choice directly from the source – a tree on a farm.  Could be from anywhere in the world, but we advise you choose a tree on a farm nearest to you.

Here is how it works: You want a fruit or a vegetable, place an order directly to any one of our registered farmers on this site, the farmer will go out to the tree, cut to order, box  and ship by Uber, UPS, FedEx or bike, and have it delivered straight to your door.

You want fresh meat from the butcher or fresh catch straight off the fisherman’s boat! Go ahead, ping us, and we’ll find someone to deliver to your door asap.

We are still building this coalition of farmers, buyers and runners. If you join us and open an account as a subscriber to fresheddy today, we’ll set up a credit account for you, send you a prepaid card and take it up from there.

Go ahead, have fun! We’ll cut for you!

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